Day 365: Love. Live. Laugh

Love is never lost…hatred is found.

So do not forget about love. It is accessible everywhere. Fear of losing may cause you to fall, but you will never lose your way when you know that you are loved. Do not be afraid to live. Living means dying to your old self (the past) and experiencing the moment. You can do so with eyes of hate or eyes of love. Don’t know where you are going or what’s going to happen in 2014…know that this is the beauty of life. Do not cut off your potential in the quest for control. Train your thoughts to be of peace. Refuse not to worry because you are a child of God, a child of light. But the light is inside of you and you must love yourself in order for you to appreciate anything else. This year will be amazing through tragedy and triumphs. Love to all.


Evolve Through Experiences.

Don’t ask permission, ask forgiveness.

To God be the glory. I’ve been broken down and built back up again; fell seven times and rose yet again. This 2013 I’ve learned so much about myself, my family and the God I serve. I ate enough humble pie this year it’s time to come for what’s rightly mine. No matter the occupation or amount of money, given your faith and dedication ANYTHING is possible.

I’m STRONGER, WISER & so much BETTER. Now that I know better, it’s only rite I do better. And the responsibility The Lord Jesus Christ has laid on my heart, best believe I’m do more than my best to use my time wisely. #LaughAtMyPain #WatchWhatIDoNext