Open A Window, It’s Too Real In Here

I get it…
You don’t know how I hold it together. How I keep from losing my head, going over the edge. With every waking moment I’m in control. I’m the king, well of my decisions at least. And for what I can control I make sure that there are the best choices that my future self would thank me later for.

How I handle life’s challenges goes hand in hand with the vibe you give off. Some people like being the elephant in the room, I prefer being the mouse, jerry. Witty, quick on my feet and just tryna hold a medz with bun & cheese.

All in all, your not alone. Don’t think for a second you have it worst than anyone else. Just as quick as you can judge, best believe the universe has a way I bringing your high and mighty ass down to Earth.

“Change your conversation so that your feet can follow. Once your actions match your words than people begin to follow.”

Growing Wings

When your afraid, one is merely straddling the fence between being great v. copying someone else. Like your second time in the pool, you recall the first cold feeling of failing and no one ever wants to return there. Or your first time playing with fire, the sheer adrenaline rush of going against the grain.

The one time I’ve taken my past and allowed it to make some sense for me now more than ever. Eureka, by George I think I’ve done it. I’ve relit my childhood lantern of fear, fear where one isn’t afraid to try, fail and get a few scratches on the playground. Like an unexpected scar found while taking a nice hot shower, I don’t want to regret these scars but embrace them. Until next time— stay foolish, stay hungry.

Let Go, Let God.

…good would have been God except I added more O’s… —Kanye West

I find myself at a breaking point. We don’t question a budding rose, but here I am trying to figure out where I went wrong, and how can I be better for the next. I didn’t just lose my job, but I was wrongly fired. And just when I thought to myself, you lose what’s good for what’s better. In my short tenure w/ Chipotle, I’ve grown personally and professionally.

I know now it was the employees, not Chipotle, that let me down. I felt like I had Martin & Malcolm, respectively on my shoulders pleasing with me to react. The Martin in me wants to take legal proceedings. However, the Malcolm in me would like to take physical matters off the premises. As humans, we like gratification, explanation and facts. But for once, I’m not only gonna move on but find happiness in not knowing everything for once. I knew at heart I did nothing wrong that I was accused of, but for those out there who have the nerve and 🎱’s to mess with Gods chosen, Mercy.