Open A Window, It’s Too Real In Here

I get it…
You don’t know how I hold it together. How I keep from losing my head, going over the edge. With every waking moment I’m in control. I’m the king, well of my decisions at least. And for what I can control I make sure that there are the best choices that my future self would thank me later for.

How I handle life’s challenges goes hand in hand with the vibe you give off. Some people like being the elephant in the room, I prefer being the mouse, jerry. Witty, quick on my feet and just tryna hold a medz with bun & cheese.

All in all, your not alone. Don’t think for a second you have it worst than anyone else. Just as quick as you can judge, best believe the universe has a way I bringing your high and mighty ass down to Earth.

“Change your conversation so that your feet can follow. Once your actions match your words than people begin to follow.”


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