When a man loves with whole heart, it won’t make sense nor shall it. For the desires of a man are only understood by his actions. They speak louder than his very own heartbeat. Everyone has habits, some hard to break than others. However, when in love, we have a way of showing our true feelings by the silly actions outside of character. For example, why does the first grader constantly pick on the girl he likes. Or why does the jr. high student put anonymous messages inside a girl’s locker.

It’s the small things that count.

Water and sun make a flower grow. Foundation, cement and wood build a house. Keep in mind, it’s not to say every man has a good heart let alone good intentions. But for the self proclaimed “good guys” who have more pride than balls to step outside of character is why it’s hard for woman to see the good in men.

Nothing good in life comes easy. The very habit of consistency can be misunderstood for being clingy. For example, if pussy ran the world, would you prefer your man to be at the end of the race waiting for you or be at every checkpoint with water along the race. We are our own worst enemy and generational change doesn’t help. Don’t lose sight of what really matters in the long run. Don’t doubt the man whose willing to meet you half way in any part of your life so long as he aims to make you better, stronger and wiser. We all have weak points that we’re afraid to address. One man will see your weakness and keep your strengths dormant. The other man will see your weakness and work on it with you. We can do bad all by ourselves but we need each other to do good.