Never hop on a bandwagon.

There is this saying… 

“If you are not the lead dog, the view never change


Be your own person. Do not listen to what anyone says about anything. If you think you should do it, DO IT. Make your own decisions. Be your own leader. Never let someone lead you or control you. Be your OWN PERSON. Often people forget this, you know why? They go for “Hype” what’s in, what’s in style, who is using what. Let me explain something. And read this til it sinks in. DO NOT HOP ANY BANDWAGONS, listen to your heart. Be your OWN PERSON, god dammit. People always ride bandwagons of what’s popular, what’s in, “what’s not in is Sooo not cool”. If you think like this, you will never be your own person. You will always let someone command you, and advise you the wrong s#*t to do. One thing I learned so far in life, is never believe in hype. Be your own person. That’s it. 


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