Walk A Mile In My Shoes

It’s like nails on a chalk board to me, the redundant conversations of other peoples fantasies. The worst part of the dialogue is it isn’t even worth the weight of their cheap necklace. No time spent on anything but speech, they waist their breath on an experienced mind. My knowledge has it’s value from failure, I learned very few things when I succeeded. I love a good entrepreneur, it is always my pleasure to trade beneficial trials and tribulations. People who can shoot the shit fall short to people who have walked the journey. I like to walk and talk, if you care to hear what I say chances are it will be on the move. I walk the walk, I talk the talk. I win big, I loose bigger! I’m not afraid to be wrong, only afraid of always being right. It’s Thursday and if you want to know where I have been check the scuffs on my fucking sneakers. It doesn’t matter what people say, kill them with actions. When they waist their breath on tales of glory, there are those who save their breath for adventure.