Actions Conquer Fear

Everyone knows better than you, if you accept this fuckery you will spend less time fighting and more time doing. Most people can’t see past the surface, you aren’t their parent, move on! Words may hurt, thicken your skin you won’t bleed. The funniest thing to me is an opinion, I don’t have any so don’t ask me for one. People make statements about things they have no clue about, not your problem to put them in the know. Stability has many layers, root them and they will never be able to Un-plant your work. Imagine life like a giant game of poker, you’d be fucked to shoe all your cards. Never confirm to what you feel is greatness, if you need to conform it’s not that great! Living life to your fullest potential can only be judged by you. It’s #Monday and I wanted a bat cave so I fucking built a bat cave. Let them think what they want of the outer later, don’t waist time showing them what’s beneath. People will make their own opinions, don’t ever concern yourself with changing their minds. Everyone can see what you got on the outside, only you choose to let them in the bat cave.