Breathe, Stop, and Give it all you got!

The win will never be for the world, it is solely internal. The rules of the game only concern those who will take their turn and wait in line. Progress has absolutely nothing to do with time, nice excuse though! The balance was never about equal weight, it was about the right amount of attention at the right amount of time. Fuck all those other times, what counts is now! A failure isn’t someone who tried, it’s someone who refuses to try again. Most of us have reached 10 percent of our capacity, imagine the most successful of us as a pure waist. Over time you will learn that we are not the teenagers we thought we once were. Growing old can be subtle if you sprinkle just the right amount of finesse. The world was made to be altered, make yours bespoke to your individuality and life. It’s #Wednesday the equity of custom is refusing to sit back and wait on the next fucking dude. Scars don’t lie, stories do. They can buy the mould but never will they have the slightest clue how to fill it. I would rather be in a room full of hungry failures than entitled success stories.


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