Window Seat

Time to refocus on what is important in our lives. What is it that we are truly after. We chase a dream, we set goals, we put expiration dates. So what is holding you down? The answer is simple, You. If you live in the past, wondering what if things would have been different, had I been taught differently things would have been better today. You have to get over whatever has happened in your past, it is gone, never to return. The focus of looking into the future will eventually be your now, so begin living for today as today is your now. Everyday you go out and build the business that you’re in at the end of each day review your progress. If today you had a setback, don’t get stuck on it. Move past it, look at your dream board and focus on how great today was. You had the chance to see something new or meet someone you never met before. Know that tomorrow will be even greater than today as each day that passes will be greater than the last, because we can still do something with tomorrow. Yesterday will forever be gone. Be blessed family.


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