Opportunity Be Knocking 

There are no excuses, just waisted breaths. Comparing yourself to the next guy is the first form of failure. Nothing bad happens to people who sit still, but then again nothing good comes from the lack of motion. Our potential is measured by work, nothing in life comes for free and stays free for very long. You can inherit money, but you can never inherit how to keep it. There is a place for everyone on this earth, some need to work a little harder to carve it. If this guy can succeed, believe me, you can too! You never know until you try, and should always try even if you know. If you only knew what I’ve been through you would really have no excuse. While others grind to be seen, I hustle to disappear. Stare fear in the face, it’s the fear that fears you! Play big or go home, ain’t no time to pussy foot around. When all else fails, try again! You too will have your moment and you have yet to see what that moment will be!  


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