Make It All Worth It.

There are two things you can learn from my success, the first being that my mistakes are what ultimately matter. I learned a long time ago that a square doesn’t fit in a circle, but sometimes you just need to jam it in. I am many things to many people, some value it, others don’t. My character is to me what your credit score is to you. The best way to lead by example is to be yourself even when you can’t see whose behind you. Accountability has its privileges, there is no end to the platform of possibilities. The second thing to learn from me is that my rhyme always has reason. Even when people count it out, maybe it was never meant to count in. Years to DONT make you wise, failures do! I never want to know the guy who made it the biggest, I always want to meet the guy who lost it greatest. Compromising is the greatest asset, only a fool stands alone proud of his pride. When the book opens, try your hardest to make the page. Only an amateur thinks the author actually controls the success of his story. It’s Tuesday, and I would rather be the librarian than the fucking author. A wise man knows when to leave the card game, but he’s only wise if he has somewhere else to be. Never bite the hand that feeds you, opportunities do come once in a lifetime. The Sensei may be outgrown by the student, but that doesn’t mean the next Karate Kid will be nearly as successful as the franchise. 


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