Gotta Keep Your Head Up

Who are you when you aren’t looking? Have you ever thought about it; the YOU you are without you noticing, when you are so caught up in what is happening to you that you fail to notice what you are becoming? YOU are happening too, you know. We just often fail to notice because we aren’t paying attention to the person we spend the most time with; ourselves. Just like breathing, who we are throughout our life “happens”, whether we are thinking about it or not; we resort to habits, to the way we usually do things. And we get by. But that is no way to live. Like breathing, when you THINK about it, it becomes so much more important, so much more meaningful. It is as if, if you stopped TRYING to breathe, you would stop. Then some time passes, it slips our mind, and we breathe once again without a second thought. There is a reason that so many faiths and spiritual practices focus on breathing and being mindful; you can breathe without thinking about it, but to control your breathing is to master yourself. And once that happens, nothing is outside of your reach. 


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