I pay homage to those before me, I never took their dream, I always followed my own. Never was I taught about what I profess, I was given guidelines by a brilliant man. Why I was supported by many was because I was determined to do me. Even though I picked my own poison, the support was always the antidote. My good friend Darrell was muscially gifted, I am musically illiterate. Determined not to limit myself, my journey was always to be a dare devil and try anything once. The glass was never half empty, fuck that, I keep that shit full. It’s #Monday and the most important thing that I learned from the passing of Darrell was that when you’re UP, you’re UP, and when your down you should still stay UP! Life comes in circles, it’s up to you to break the barrier. Cheers to a loved one you lost that gave your life new meaning, new motivation! We buried the body but not the man. Life will go on and while creating my own legacy I will hold his like a trophy.


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