Change breeds Hate

Sometimes when you make the funk it brings the noise. Everyday somewhere, somehow, success brings hate. They loved us when we were not shit, now they hate us because we are the shit. Discouragement and entrepreneurship do not go hand in hand. If for a second you think you can’t, for the rest of your life you won’t. People can invest their time in targeting you, all that wasted time is really going to target them. Change breeds hate, if it bothers you now, trust me you will not get over it quickly. Let them say what they want, let them shout it from the rooftop, all that wasting time just gives you the competitive edge. It’s Friday, and I’ve got plenty to be thankful for. Nothing worth achieving will be easy, learn to enjoy the adversity. You can’t control the worlds opinion, you can however govern your own. Leave the hate for the ignorant,  the intelligent will read and praise as they read. Enjoy your weekend family and friends.


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