Thinking In New Boxes

There is no such thing as a pair, forced relationships will end up as far from each other as they possibly can get. There is no such thing as coincidences, they are mistakes twisted by the optimistic. Life will take you on the steps that you chose, never let anyone tell you which way to go. I’m never here to show you how to walk, I’m here to explain how to tumble and fall with grace. Your friends may have been born with a silver spoon, you were born with one made of gold. The ignorant will rely on that spoon to eat, the intelligent will melt that shit and sell it for their own dream. The craziest things in life will become the most memorable even if met with adversity and pain. Few remember what they did with yesterday’s nominal day, make yours exciting and make every second count. Try your own doors, make your own matches, only an idiot lives for someone else’s faith. It’s Tuesday be sicker than your fucking average. The moral of this story is take my advice to create your own.  I hit my share of walls, shit we all do! The best advice I was ever given wasn’t how to prevent the wall, but to get back up with pride when I hit it.


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