When 2 Souls Touch

“Sometimes it’s soft as a misty rain, that gently touches my soul”  -SWV

Sometimes, it really is.

In this culture we’re taught to ‘dream big’.  To ‘set the bar high’.  We’re less seldom reminded to be thankful all of the so-called little victories that we achieve multiple times each day.

Have you ever sat and just reflected on how blessed we are to be able to inhale and exhale oxygen?  Something as routine and mundane as your lungs taking in air, as your chest heaves up and down, and several seconds later exhaling that same breath just as rhythmically, is often taken for granted.

Maybe if you were asthmatic you’d be more mindful of something as boring as breathing? 

Dead people can’t breathe you know.  Those who are no longer with us might see something like being able to breathe as ‘dreaming REALLY big’.

Something as fundamental to our existence as oxygen should be given more appreciation, as should those other lesser publicized moments in our lives.

You should cherish those moments where your son says, ‘Mom, I want you to know that I love you, and I like that I can come to you and talk to you about stuff.’  Some people wish they still had an opportunity to share a special moment with their child, and would not be so presumptuous as to take it for granted.

How about the next time someone pays you a compliment, like ‘girl, i like your hair’, or ‘you wearing the hell outta that dress, sis’, or ‘ooh, you smell really good today, bruh’, you take some time to really reflect on someone taking the time to acknowledge a fundamental aspect of your personhood?  It’s not necessarily that they are remarking on your physical self, the comments are actually more about the humanity they see in you and that your physical self is an outward expression of the person they see inside of you.

Do you know how much thoughtfulness and beautiful energy it takes to authentically express appreciation for someone, expecting nothing in return but to reaffirm that person’s self worth?  It’s a small gesture, that has the potential to make someone feel ten feet tall.

And as those who are the receivers of the compliment, we must try to see it for what it is. 

The way you respond to someone’s compliment, might in fact make them feel even better than they just made you feel.  Sure, sometimes there are ulterior motives for someone complimenting you on how you look, or on some other aspect of yourself, but despite their motivation for giving you a compliment, your response should be just as pure as the motivation you seek from them when they give the compliment.  To dismiss someone’s compliment to you as ‘game’ is just as disrespectful as if the compliment the person gave was indeed just game.  

And you know, nine times out of ten, those same compliments that you take for granted today, game or not, at some point in the future you might really want…and one day might really need.  

In essence, it’s about a reciprocity that we owe to the universe.  For all the beautiful, yet so simple, things we are blessed to enjoy in our lives, we have an obligation to return that beauty, personified in the ways we live our lives and express our personhood to each and every person we meet, and for each and every experience we are blessed to have.

There are blessings every moment, that express themselves in ways we may not even realize until they no longer exist.  And most often, they are soft as a misty rain, that gently touches our souls.


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