To anyone who participates in destroying their own community, Your frustrations are misguided and you are now just as much a part of the problem as the ones you despise… This is a social economic issue masked as an issue of race.. What’s going on in Baltimore is the culmination of decades of neglect to what was once the “middle class”… This is the product of a 25% unemployment rate in a city where their is no trust between the people and police… Uneducated, under privileged, unemployed, and angry… Some people riot when their Collegiate sports team wins a big game… Some people riot when they’re tired of seeing men killed by the police weekly as if we don’t live in a society governed by a court system based off the concept of “Due Process”… Also it isn’t that people feel like their lives don’t matter specially because of these recent “incidents”… They feel this way because their schools are neglected, their needs aren’t met, they aren’t making enough money to pay their bills because the wages offered are often insufficient in maintaining the standard of living we’ve become accustom to, and then to compound all these problems many of these people have no self worth because they’ve never been taught how to love who they are.. This is an issue of humanity caused by the disconnect between human-beings along with the collapsing of a weakened social economic structure put in place to keep the real wealth in the hands of a few while consistently increasing the disparity between the richest and the poorest.


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