I miss the days of black woman being of grace and empowering each other in entertainment. Our tvs radios and media outlets are now influenced by culture Demons.

We have forgotten why we fought hard to be relevant to change.
This New Era is dark..
Because everyone now wants to be relevant on the Surface !
No way in Hell can a child be a child anymore in the world we now live in.
She can’t grow up without being influenced by broken humans who are considered pop culture.
May the roles reverse an those who need silence be silenced.
So we can continue to the top of the pyramid.


I’m Possible

In a world full of “no’s, rejections, let downs & closed doors”, it’s hard to maintain even a mustard seed amount of hope & faith sometimes….but I dare you to go back to your earliest memories of prayers, dreams & wishes. At least one of them have come true. The unimaginable is more than possible…..just gotta continue to work, believe & make room for it.

Role Model

Whats a role model? Regardless or commas on your bank statement or a celebrity…you’re an example. Don’t just lead by example, but follow the example you set in place. Be a role model for yourself. The likes of Abraham, Job and Solomon in scripture let you know how consistency is rewarded greatly.

Do your part to better yourself, less work for the next person. We can grow from that moment and work more efficiently with what time we have left. Use things. Love people. What’s happening in our neighbors is not by accident, its shown through history. We’ve failed each other. Whats rioting without boycotting? A wise man values silence and criticism. Don’t be the elephant in the room when its time to take a stand. Let conviction speak before you do. #AllLivesMatter