Soul Food.


You ever find yourself praying for a miracle and wonder why you missed it; why it’s taking so long to come down from Heaven. Many a times, we find ourselves praying for a blessing and forget to pray for humility to receive it.
What good is conversation if when you leave you don’t understand that person nor yourself any better. Conversation today lacks humility. Small talk does not quench the thirst of big dreamers. And how do you repay someone who leaves you with good conversation. Do you buy them a drink? Surprise them with an edible arrangement? Pray with them before ending the conversation? Humility. One cannot expect the desires of their heart without it. Be slow to speak, but make haste with what speaks to your soul.
When an unbias opinion is received it does something to a broken soul, it rekindles a lost flame that only unconditional love can do. It can give strength to the helpless or remind the strong of their strength in moments of defeat. When God wants you to grow, He makes you uncomfortable. There’s food for thought…then there’s soul food.

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time” — 1 Peter 5:6 NIV


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