Success = Dedication + Sacrifice

I’m constantly struggling with the label “too much” work. What’s too much to some isn’t always enough for me. I find myself biting off more than I can handle at the moment; just asking for a headache. Be the tortoise and not the hare for once. You can only get but some many things done at one time with two hands. Endure the grind. Allow dedication to be the pen that rites your story. Rarely do we win it all, where we win at is failing with finesse. You’ll tumble, you’ll fall but no one can ever said you didn’t try! Go big, or stay your ass home. It’s Wednesday fam, every waking moment is a day to start fresh and better. The most important riches aren’t greenbacks, but they’re feelings of content from within. I’d rather be labeled a failure than a quitter; one dies trying and the other dies with regret. Which are you? #StayOneUp


The Power of Habit

During the premature part of my life, looking back I’ve noticed I was the hare who didn’t care but to finish the race as if they were all the same. Now, I find myself being the tortoise who no matter what plans to enjoy the ride in every moment. No matter if I finish the race first or last, one must finish. Now that I better understand the race, I’ve found my pace and I’m content with it.

One cannot build on weakness, only strength. You cannot change habits, just the cue and routine that set them in our subconscious. My aim for the month of September is to note my habits, correct them and implement a better course of action to building new habits. Not just for myself, but for family and friends. You character is best described as what you would do when no one is watching you. As I learn to endure the grind and enjoy the moment, I’m thankful and grateful that I’ve found myself and so many say and never do.

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