No Risk, No Reward.

If I learned anything ever it would be simply to be brave. Takes risks, nothing can subsidize personal experiences. Be a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, be a book smart advocate without believing in the information of others. Never regret a single thing you do, you will find at the end it makes you who you are. Talk is cheap, actions play louder than words. Those who throw in the towel don’t realize it was only there to wipe the sweat away. Nothing will be easy, if you’re too scared don’t even bother to try. Lead the way you would want to be lead. Remind yourself everyday that there is no perfect. You can’t go back in time, you can only catch up with the seeds you’ve planted for the future. These last few months, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is living many years of your life like most people fucking won’t. May you always do what you’re afraid to do, may you always learn to fall before you learn to fly. If your going to rise, you might let as well shine. #StayOneUp #MorningInspiration


The First 30

The first 30 minutes of your day will determine the day you’ll have.
With that said….
Don’t pick up your phone for the first 30 minutes of the day.
Do something that promotes growth.
Get your mind right, your soul right and your body right. If you’re not right, how will your day be any better. Run Your Day, Don’ Let It Run You.

Pick Your Battles.

Don’t jump into every battle because your ego needs to be satisfied. I see this happen often with people. I used to do it as well. A lot of times it doesn’t matter if you’re right. In some cases, you’re still going to lose simply by arguing. What will you prove to someone who’s not listening anyways. On top of that, there are situations where you shouldn’t have to explain yourself. Others either get it or they don’t. The sooner you start to realize that people should come UP to your level and you not DOWN to theirs, the more at peace you’ll be. Get to a point where you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone.

#MorningMotivation #UpCommunity

Keep Your Inner-G Intact

1️⃣ First Chakra (Survival) : Walk in nature, plant a garden, pay your monthly bills (early), slow down, take a hike, Hug a tree, feel your roots, clean your house, Eat healthy foods, walk outside with bare feet, take a vacation in nature, Go bird watching, and admire the plants and animals, play the drums, Do yoga, Do nothing (in the most relaxing of ways), wear the color red, eat red foods + protein.

2️⃣ Second Chakra (Relationships): Take a luxurious bath, Sit by water, stretch your body, swim, move your hips, dance, Drink plenty of fresh natural liquids, Be sexual, Be spontaneous, Go to the ocean, Do volunteer work, drive somewhere you’ve never been, Go on a retreat with people you don’t know. Wear the color orange, eat orange foods.

3️⃣ Third Chakra (Empowerment): Laugh, run, cry, watch a fire, take up a martial art class, tai chi or boxing, lift weights, ride a bike like a child again, play a competitive sport, Wear the color yellow, Eat yellow food.

4️⃣ Fourth Chakra (Connection): Hold hands, talk about how you feel, Tell someone you love them (and mean it), get a massage, Look in the mirror and say you love yourself just the way you are, learn Reiki (healing touch), wear pink or Green. Eat plenty of fresh organic green fruits and vegetables.

5️⃣ Fifth Chakra (Expression): Sing, Write, Draw, play an instrument, paint, talk to trusted friends, work with clay or wood, Go to an art gallery alone, read/write poetry, write a song, support local art, Verbally pass down a family tradition, write a meaningful letter to yourself. Wear the color blue.

6️⃣ Sixth Chakra (intuition): Just breathe, Listen to your inner voice, Guess someone’s astrological sign, Daydream, Start a dream journal, Candle gaze, Read an esoteric/metaphysical book. Talk to the moon, Wear Purple, or white.

7️⃣ Seventh Chakra (knowing): Meditate for 10-15 minutes a day, connect with your higher power, talk to yourself, be still, listen, trust your inner knowing, connect with others, Use rainbow prisms for healing, star-gaze, practice positive affirmations, write down your goals and ask your higher-self to help you achieve them. Wear I