No Risk, No Reward.

If I learned anything ever it would be simply to be brave. Takes risks, nothing can subsidize personal experiences. Be a hopeless romantic with a dirty mind, be a book smart advocate without believing in the information of others. Never regret a single thing you do, you will find at the end it makes you who you are. Talk is cheap, actions play louder than words. Those who throw in the towel don’t realize it was only there to wipe the sweat away. Nothing will be easy, if you’re too scared don’t even bother to try. Lead the way you would want to be lead. Remind yourself everyday that there is no perfect. You can’t go back in time, you can only catch up with the seeds you’ve planted for the future. These last few months, I’ve learned that entrepreneurship is living many years of your life like most people fucking won’t. May you always do what you’re afraid to do, may you always learn to fall before you learn to fly. If your going to rise, you might let as well shine. #StayOneUp #MorningInspiration


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